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Zor Knight Server: MaxKo Titan Tanıtımı

Dear Knights,

We would love to share something interesting with you. Did you know that MAXKO and TITAN are the oldest Private Knight Online servers that exist since 2008 and we are still trying to increase our popularity and get KO on a new level so we could all enjoy it better.

Currently, we are offering you to join our server TITAN, to feel with Advanture and it's going to stay like that for a little more time and this is the right moment to join us because everything is easy, in just a couple of days you can be ready for your adventure in Ronark Land.

By making new quests where you can get the best armor parts through Black TEMPEST NPC....
You always thought that the chances of getting the best weapons and jewelry are hard? Not really! That doesn't have to be always like that, by training Through Dolls >Training Quest for the beginners then Visit Guard Patrick and by joining Forgotten Temple on daily basis, you have a higher chance to obtain valuable items at a NPC called Tempest in Moradon. & By winning BDW you can get Glory BDW Earring which is still the most wanted item in the server and you can trade it for different kinds of valuable items.

But I doubt that's enough for you. Do you want something unique? WELL! You can get Medal of Puzzle by killing Adream Master Quest inside Adream Zone..
Oh! We also have new rare rings which called Titan Rings, and you can upgrade them to additional bonus defenses that you would LOVE so DO NOT miss this opportunity, our new rings awaits YOU!!

War Maps?!
We all do know how WAR Maps are old & boring therefore we decided to make a new WAR Map called Zipank which is shown only in Japan Revision Knight Online. 
Also, with our own programs we made a VS Map which is currently opened for 8 v 8 with only old weapons & armors allowed! BUT the fun doesn't stop there! Because Ardream will make you have fun everyday by joining us at 18:00 to 20:00 and help your nation to conquer the Ardream Map.

So for now, join TITAN which includes many Events such as FT,BDW,War lunar, Csw,Killing Race Event,and Adream then Death Match is coming soon and don't wait someone else to take this amazing opportunity to be the first on our Monthly Ranking and receive Knight Cash that's worth over 100$...

We're waiting for you, join us and you will NOT regret it, I promise!
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